Some simple tips to help you get the results you want from your digital prints.

1. Calibrate Your Monitor.

When your monitor is calibrated, your prints will look close to what you see on your screen. There are a number of inexpensive monitor calibrators readily available such as the Gretag Eye-One Match. We strongly recommend that you do this. You will also have to make sure that the application that you use to view and alter your work is using this calibrated monitor profile.

2. Enough Good Pixels.

We print very big photos! An issue with files to be printed to large sizes is the camera. Fringing on outlines and also noise apparent on darker areas can be an issue with smaller sensors. Getting your file printed as a large panorama, a wall panel or a display panel is a rewarding experience (and can also be profitable!). Cameras with larger sensors are the answer. Please phone if you have questions about this.

3. File Preparation for Transmission.

Please ensure that you send a file that is correctly sized. File should be the actual dimensions of the print size required by 300 dpi. and then saved as a jpeg file. Colour space must be sRGB. If you have concerns about quality then save the file as a tiff with level 12 jpeg compression. This will result in a very high quality file. For example a 20x30 inch print at 300 dpi is 154.5MB. If you save this as a tiff with top end compression (ie level 12), you will have an exceptionally good file that is 16.7MB. This will transmit easily and print excellently. The site will however accept large tiff files if required.

4. File Types

Your file must be a jpeg or tiff (.tiff or .tif) of a size appropriate to the print size you want. Files must be flattened in sRGB mode. It's over to you to size a file correctly. The site has been modified to accept 200MB files, but we have not fully tested this feature, see note above about file sizes.

6x4 print orders assume all files are the same size and with correct aspect ratio. Please note if the shape of your file does not match the shape of the print size ordered, the print will be made "fit in" so none of your file is cropped out.

Charges additional - you may be charged an additional $5.00 per file if they are not set up properly (ie. incorrect colour space, resizing). If you are not sure about any of this please contact us.

Custom File Preparation - is available on request at an additional charge.