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You can now indicate fill, fit, or no resize and also with or without white border.

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Lab Information

All Prints are Silver Halide "real photos" including output in the larger sizes. We print from digital files only and files are printed "file to print" meaning that we do not alter your file. Smaller sizes can be put through the standard Fuji "fix it" software if required.

Prints up to 12x18 are printed on our Fuji 570 Frontier. This is a state of the art laser printer outputting what you would describe as "best possible".

Standard paper used is Lustre, Gloss is available in 10" paper sizes, please specify if required. Sizes shown are in inches.

Larger sizes for murals or panoramas (20") are printed on either a Kodak LEDII (Pegasus) or a Durst Epsilon. Both of these machines are highly regarded. The Epsilon is known to be used in a Museum environment for reproduction of artworks. Finished prints may be returned to you as an uncut roll to diminish handling. Please advise if you prefer cut.

Resize Options

Lab default is Fit In. This means that your file will not be cropped and will be sized proportionally up or down to fit the paper area chosen. If you file is not the same shape as the paper size chosen there will be a white border on two sides.

Fit In:- Will print your file INTO the paper size chosen. All of file will be within the paper size. If file shape and paper shape are not the same then white borders will result.

Fill In:- Will print your file ONTO the paper size chosen. If file shape is not the same as paper size chosen the file is sized up or down so there is no unprinted paper showing. This means that your file will be cropped. If you have people close to an edge or heads near the top they may well be cropped out.

No Resize:- Check you file size in Photoshop for instance. It may be something like 18inx12in. If you select this to be printed as a 6x4in print “no resize” then only the 6x4in portion of that entire file will be printed.
This instruction can be used if you are compiling the file which may have borders or effects and you know to make the finished file the size of the print required (at 300dpi).

Aspect Ratio Compatible Print Sizes for 3:2 are 6x4 5x7.5 6x9 8x12 10x15 12x18

Pearl Metallic Paper

Pearl Metallic is a great vibrant display medium and adds considerable dimension and "wow" factor to any print. Often used for gallery presentations, portfolios and advertising panels, not to mention wedding enlargements. We supply this in all sizes. This specialist paper is the Fuji equivalent to Kodak metallic and has the added advantage of having good whites. For further information click here.


Our preferred payment option is Direct Credit, however we can process credit cards or you can send your order on a CD along with a cheque.

Service Times

Normally 1 - 3 days, or by arrangement. Rush rates available on request.