Our pricing is based on quantity - the more of one size and kind you are having printing, the cheaper the prints will be.

If you have a volume in any size please phone for price, we can probably improve on any other quote.

Please note the standard printing mode is "fit in" so none of your file is cropped out. You can choose to select either "fill in", or "no resize".

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Size 1 2-10 11-30 31+
5x7.5 Lustre$1.45$1.30$1.00$0.95
5x7.5 Pearl$5.50$5.00$4.50$4.00
7x5 Lustre$1.20$1.20$0.95$0.80
7x5 Pearl$5.00$5.00$4.50$4.00
8x6 Lustre$2.80$2.80$2.50$2.00
8x6 Pearl$6.00$6.00$5.50$5.00
8x12 Lustre$6.00$5.50$5.00$4.50
8x12 Pearl$9.50$8.50$7.50$7.00
9x6 Lustre$2.80$2.80$2.50$2.00
9x6 Pearl$6.00$6.00$6.50$6.00
10x8 Lustre$5.90$5.50$4.50$3.00
10x8 Pearl$7.20$7.20$6.50$6.00
10x8 Laminated$8.90$7.50$5.40$4.25
10x12 Lustre$10.50$10.50$9.00$6.50
10x12 Pearl$13.00$13.00$11.25$10.00
10x12 Laminated$14.90$13.75$10.50$7.10
10x15 Lustre$14.50$12.00$10.75$8.90
10x15 Pearl$18.00$16.00$14.00$12.00
12x18 Lustre$21.00$20.00$19.00$17.50
12x18 Pearl$27.00$25.00$24.00$22.00
6x20 PANO Lustre$18.00$18.00$18.00$18.00
6x20 PANO Pearl$24.00$24.00$24.00$24.00
6x25 PANO Lustre$22.00$22.00$22.00$22.00
6x25 PANO Pearl$28.00$28.00$28.00$28.00
10x20 PANO Lustre$23.00$23.00$23.00$23.00
10x25 PANO Lustre$26.00$26.00$26.00$26.00
12x20 PANO Lustre$25.00$25.00$25.00$25.00
12x20 PANO Pearl$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00
12x25 PANO Lustre$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00
12x25 PANO Pearl$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00